LearnZillion Revisited!

LearnZillion has dramatically increased their instructional video library over the last couple years.

We are in the process of aligning all the new resources and have finished the Elementary grade levels. Middle and High School will be updated soon.

LearnZillion has folders of instructional videos for Grades 2-8 for EVERY STANDARD!!! They also have instructional videos for over 90% of the standards in the first couple years of high school math!

This is the perfect resource if you are looking to FLIP your classroom! Their student app (Apple and Android) gives students the ability to download their videos to the device. Great for the students who don’t have internet at home! They can be downloaded while they are at school (if your school has a WiFi network) and watched on the device at home.

The BEST PART of all of these videos in my mind is this: they are designed to address the specific Common Core State Standards they are aligned to. It appears that everything on their site in done with the CCSS in mind! In this way, they are better than Khan Academy’s videos! They are also peer-reviewed for the purpose of identifying and eliminating mistakes in the content of each video.

A fantastic resource to be sure!

CCSS Math Featured at #31

OnlineMathDegrees.org has been featured in an article listing 101 math websites important to the improvement and future success of Mathematics in America.

CCSSMath came in at #31!


Khan Academy Practice FULLY ALIGNED!

Khan Academy practice is FULLY ALIGNED on the site!

The links take you directly to their practice pages. Take note of the video links in the left-hand column on the Khan Academy practice page. They correspond directly with the practice on the page.

Khan Academy for 6th-8th Grade!

Exercise links for Khan Academy have been posted for 6th-8th Grade!

Clicking on the links take you to the practice page. You will notice a strand of related videos and exercise links in the left hand column on Khan’s practice page.

High School standards coming soon!

Khan Academy Practice!

We have fully aligned all the Khan Academy practice (K-5) that directly relate to the Common Core State Standards! So, if you teach Kindergarten through 5th Grade then you can find links to practice and videos aligned to the CCSS on Khan!

6th – 12th Grade is coming soon!

Shmoop.com Resource Links are up and running!

We have finished adding links to all of Shmoop.com’s online resources. Again, these are for the High School standards. The worksheets and multiple choice questions should be particularly useful to you.

More significant additions to come this summer!


Shmoop is a fantastic resource for Common Core high school math standards. The links are being added to CCSSMath now and should ALL be up in time for next year.

Check them out! Shmoop.com. Click on Teacher Resources then Common Core! You will see the “Math” link and be able to find information on every CCSS high school math standard.

We are almost there! Finish strong!


LearnZillion is fully aligned! Follow this link to find examples of what’s available! They have content for 3rd-8th grade and high school!

The Latest Updates!

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We’ve recently launched a Facebook page where we will post updates to the website. It is another great place to make comments and suggestions for resources you might like to see on our site (although comments are very welcome on this site, too). Search “CCSSMath.org” on Facebook, go to our page, and click “Like” to be a follower!

Other new updates:

  1. Check out online practice from IXL!
  2. Learn Zillion is another new common core standards-based online resource for teachers and students. We are adding links to their resources daily. Like us on Facebook to get updated on the grade levels as they are added.

Did you know?

IXL’s online practice is fully aligned to the Common Core Standards. Did you know that everyone gets 20 free practice problems every day on every device they own!