6.EE.1 – Write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents.

Internet Resources (Videos, Websites, etc.)

Illustrative Mathematics Project

  1. Illustrations

Khan Academy

  1. Evaluating expressions 3

Learn Zillion

  1. Write numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents
  2. Evaluate numerical expressions by using whole-number exponents
  3. Write numerical expressions using area and volume models
  4. Evaluate a numerical expression using Order of Operations
  5. Write a numerical expression using exponents by interpreting a problem

NCTM Illuminations

  1. Armstrong Iteration Spreadsheet
  2. Armstrong Numbers: Teacher Answer Key

Online Practice from IXL

  1. Exponents and square roots: Write multiplication expressions using exponents 
  2. Exponents and square roots: Evaluate exponents
  3. Exponents and square roots: Exponents: solve for the variable
  4. Exponents and square roots: Exponents with decimal bases
  5. Exponents and square roots: Exponents with fractional bases


  1. Algebra Four

Texas Instruments

  1. Math Nspired: Exploring Exponents
    Students will investigate and describe negative and zero exponents on the base. Then, students will apply the properties of integer exponents to generate equivalent expressions. Product: TI-Nspire(TM), TI-Nspire(TM) CAS

Utah Public Schools

  1. Expressions and Equations 1

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