7.RP.1 – Compute unit rates associated with ratios of fractions, including ratios of lengths, areas and other quantities measured in like or different units. For example, if a person walks 1/2 mile in each 1/4 hour, compute the unit rate as the complex fraction 1/2/1/4 miles per hour, equivalently 2 miles per hour.

Internet Resources (Videos, Websites, etc.)


  1. Interpreting Proportional Relationships

Dan Meyer

  1. Holes

Illustrative Mathematics Project

  1. Illustrations

Khan Academy

  1. Rate problems 1

Learn Zillion

  1. Approximate unit rates from verbal descriptions
  2. Using unit rates to interpret scale maps and scale models
  3. Find unit rates in situations involving fractions
  4. Find the best deal by comparing unit rates
  5. Scale recipes by applying unit rates

Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP)

  1. E10: A Golden Crown?
  2. A21: Sale!
  3. A23: T-Shirt Sale

NCTM Illuminations

  1. Travel in the Solar System
  2. Travel in the Solar System
  3. Travel in the Solar System: Lesson 1
  4. Travel in the Solar System: Lesson 2
  5. Understanding Rational Numbers and Proportions
  6. What’s Your Rate?

Online Practice from IXL

  1. Ratios and proportions: Understanding ratios (Seventh grade – J.1)
  2. Ratios and proportions: Unit rates (Seventh grade – J.5)
  3. Consumer math: Unit prices (Seventh grade – L.3)
  4. Consumer math: Unit prices with unit conversions (Seventh grade – L.4)

Science Net Links

  1. The 21st Century Save Our Animals Project

Smithsonian’s History Explorer

  1. America on the Move Classroom Activity Guide – Unit 5: 1970s – 2000 The World’s People and Products on the Move – Taking a Deeper Look

Texas Instruments

Math Nspired: Equations from Unit Rates
This lesson involves finding a linear equation and confirming the equation represents a proportional relationship with numeric values in ordered pairs or in functions tables. Product: TI-Nspire(TM), TI-Nspire(TM) CAS
Math Nspired: Proportionality in Tables, Graphs and Equations
Students will recognize and identify the characteristics of proportional and non-proportional relationships by analyzing a table, equation, and graph. Product: TI-Nspire(TM), TI-Nspire(TM) CAS
Math Nspired: Proportions in Stories
This lesson involves inputting data into a table, observing the data on coordinate plane, and inputting an equation that corresponds with the table of values. Product: TI-Nspire(TM), TI-Nspire(TM) CAS
Math Nspired: Recipe: Rate of Change
Students look at unit rate in a real-world context. They will use ratios to create points, plot them, and determine the mathematical relationship for the plotted points. Then, they will predict other points based on the relationship determined. Product: TI-Nspire(TM), TI-Nspire(TM) CAS
Math Nspired: Spring Scale Strength
In this lesson, teachers will use a spring to help students learn that the constant of proportionality between two proportional quantities is the unit rate of change. Product: TI-Nspire(TM), TI-Nspire(TM) CAS

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